"Thanx for 'fitting us in' to your full house. We thoroughly enjoyed it. We'll be back! And next time I'll reserve in advance. Great show guys!" - MZ


"Thank you so much! We had an awesome time not only during the show but during the intermission too - with complimentary champagne and a wonderful magician who entertained us with some mind boggling card tricks! I can't wait for the next one — feeling entertained." - JP


Maione © 2016

Welcome to the Parlor of Mystery

The Parlor of Mystery is a place where the magic happens close up, right in front of you. On the 4th Sunday of each month we present a completely different parlor magic show with a new line-up of magicians from near and far. Here at the Parlor you’ll see experienced prestidigitators as well as young, up and coming conjurers. It's modern. It's funny. It's grown-up. And, it's for grown-up audiences.

Photos from the May 21, 2017 show featuing Alexander Boyce, Bob Yorburg, TJ Tana and Mike Maione.

Photos by Sam Zambuto and Mike Maione