"Thanx for 'fitting us in' to your full house. We thoroughly enjoyed it. We'll be back! And next time I'll reserve in advance. Great show guys!" - MZ


"Thank you so much! We had an awesome time not only during the show but during the intermission too - with complimentary champagne and a wonderful magician who entertained us with some mind boggling card tricks! I can't wait for the next one — feeling entertained." - JP


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Sunday, June 25 - 7PM

Devlin - The Matador of Magic
Devlin's performances can be traced to his South American roots, offering magic with a Latin flair, weaving his mysteries with the air and confidence of a matador. Devlin who was awarded the New York Parent Assembly of the Society of American Magicians highest honor, "Magician of the Year" has appeared (and disappeared!) on stages around the world, from Las Vegas to Hollywood's famed Magic Castle.

Jim Vines
Jim Vines is an award winning close-up performer. Vines will perform the act that he will be taking to FISM, the Olympics of magic which takes place in 2018 in Korea. This is a rare opportunity to see an award-winning competition close-up act, close up, as it is meant to be seen.

Steve Friedberg
Steve Friedberg is a card man who has headlined at Hollywood's world-famous Magic Castle, and has performed at London's Magic Circle. He's also a regular attendee at the invitation-only 4F convention, a yearly gathering held outside of Buffalo for 200 of the world's best close-up magicians.

Terry Parrett
Emcee Terry Parrett, is a magician, mentalist, author and professional hypnotist who has performed for audiences all across the country. He lectures for other magicians at conferences in New York, Albuquerque, Tennessee and Toronto and recently finished consulting on the feature film "Splinterheads".


Sunday, July 23 - 7PM

Jason Ladanye and Sean "The Prankster" Magician
Cons, Cheats & Scams is a two-man show that features world-class card magician and author Jason Ladanye and Sean "The Prankster" Magician. It is a magic show with a twist – it demonstrates how con artists try to beat the system. It features card magic and comedy magic and it has a most unique segue from the first half of the show to the second. Jason Ladanye has performed at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood and has appeared on 20/20 and Inside Edition demonstrating card cheating scams. Sean "The Prankster" Magician is a former prosecutor who helped to take down street scammers and hustlers, now uses sleight of hand and psychology to demonstrate how they operate.


Sunday, August 27 - 7PM

Jordi Magomero
The roots of Jordi Magomero's magic are in Barcelona, Spain. His magic reflects the traditional Spanish style, which he describes as a "journey" with the spectators. Jordi creates intimate miracles with cards, coins, and balls, many of which are woven into stories. Magomero was awarded 2nd Prize in Close-up at Cabra-Cadabra in 2010 and 1st Prize in Close-up at Decklords in 2007.

Bob Greenberg
Bob Greenberg is a comic, writer, actor, impersonator and clown who has been making people laugh for years. His film and stage credits are plentiful. His impersonations of Jackie Gleason, Lou Costello, Curly Howard and Alfred Hitchcock are dead on. Empty your bladder before the show or prepare for an accident because you will wet yourself laughing.

Joe Silkie
Parlor of Mystery producer Joe Silkie will host the show. Silkie is magic creator, consultant, lecturer and artist. He has constructed custom magic props for popular magic television shows and props used by thousands of magicians world-wide. His magic often includes hand-made artifacts that he produces in his art studio.


Please note performers subject to change without notice.