"Thanx for 'fitting us in' to your full house. We thoroughly enjoyed it. We'll be back! And next time I'll reserve in advance. Great show guys!" - MZ


"Thank you so much! We had an awesome time not only during the show but during the intermission too - with complimentary champagne and a wonderful magician who entertained us with some mind boggling card tricks! I can't wait for the next one — feeling entertained." - JP


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Sunday, November 25 - 7PM

Steve Rodman
Long Island's favorite comedy magician, Steve Rodman is back by popular demand. Steve takes a new approach to the classics and provides a classy take on what's new. Rodman is a stand-up comedy performer, a stand-up guy and no relation to the basketball player.

Greg Milstein
A full-time circus performer for more than 35 years, Greg Milstein has worked as a juggler, clown, ringmaster, unicyclist, circus manager, event producer, and circus school director, appearing in over 25 countries throughout the world. Greg spent five years as the managing director of England's Academy of Circus Arts, Europe's only traveling professional Circus School. Greg and A.C.A.'s touring show, the Festival Circus, played over 135 cities in the U.K. under the big top.

Gregg is currently the executive director of the National Circus Project, a New York-based non-profit outreach program whose mission is to preserve and promote circus through entertainment and education and manages hundreds of circus residency programs annually throughout the Northeastern United States.

Gary Brown
Guest host Gary Brown is a magician, a magic historian, writer, and inventor. His writings include The Coney Island Fakir, an award-winning biography about magic dealer Al Flosso, as well as articles about magic and related phenomena for The New York Times, American Heritage, Emmy, Invention & Technology, and a plethora of conjuring periodicals. He has appeared as a commentator on magic, gambling, deception, and crime on The Discovery Channel, A&E, Court TV, and National Public Radio. Mr. Brown has produced many original magic effects that are currently being commercially marketed and have received outstanding reviews in magic publications.

Sam Wallach
Sam is a teen magician who was introduced to magic by a youtube video when he as ten years old. Turned on to the art of legerdemain he undertook an intensive study of the practice and has performed for charity and in various talent shows. Sam will be showing off his close-up skills in the lobby during intermission.

Sunday, December 30 - 7PM

Magic Al
Magic Al Garber is widely recognized as one of the best magicians in the New York metropolitan area. He has been a full-time professional performer for over thirty years and maintains a busy performing schedule. Magic-Al has appeared on numerous television shows including the Late Show with David Letterman and The Fabulous Life on VH-1. Magic-Al has been featured in many magazines because of his success, unique show and because he is so photogenic. He also created and starred in the Off Broadway show ‘It’s a Magic-Al World’. Magic-Al is most proud of his weekly visits to children’s hospitals in which he brings joy and laughter to children and their families.

Thaddeus, has been performing in Long Island theaters for over 30 years as an actor and a magician. Thaddeus annually performs his one-man magic show at the Dix Hills Performing Arts Center to raves. With wife Debbie, Thaddeus runs the South Shore Theatre Experience. Thaddeus is also one of the founders of The Parlor of Mystery and often produces and emcees our shows.

Please note performers subject to change without notice.